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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Fights Against Corona Covid-19 Programe is a CSR Initiative of Singhraj's Venture House is committed to sustainable development, where business goes hand in hand with societal wellbeing and environmental consciousness.

our work on environment, we are making concentrated efforts to increase the green cover through sapling plantation on one hand and enhancing the environmental awareness levels in the community on the other hand.

Going beyond investing their personal time through volunteering, senior leadership has institutionalised a culture by creating a volunteering policy.

One day our founder see the news that "A doctor wearing a torn raincoat and gloves at a major coronavirus treatment facility in Kolkata, on March 26, 2020." Then he think to start this initiative to prodive medical & Health Cares Supplies to needy peoples and health care volunteers. So, Plz your a bit contribution save many lifes.

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